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Henry Wein

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2019 / PONTH - Your Portable Synth

An endless variety of melodies and beats is right at your fingertips, just connect it to your power bank or any 5 volt power supply.

There’s a whole range of features at your disposal. Program 16 steps individually, control the tempo, control the amount of steps playing, modify the sound by using filters. But that’s not the end. The only limit is your imagination. 


In your bag and on your way. All you need is a speaker or headphones.

I am fascinated how electronics and a bit of code can create music. I wanted to have something that provides a wide range of possibilities, so everyone can create individual melodies and beats. 

If that is not enough, you are able to connect a computer, so that you can modify or upload new code. 

PONTH - Your Portable Synth

A 16 step sequencer, which means that there are 16 notes playing in a loop. By pressing a combination of the buttons and turning potentiometers, you can individually change the pitch, duration as well as the rest and ties of the notes. You can also reverse the pattern, change tempo, determine how many steps are playing and alter the sound by adding filters. 

The project was shown as part of the DDW 2020 and in an exhibition in WORM, Rotterdam 2019. 

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