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Henry Wein

online portfolio


Trentino, Italy / ARTE  2022



I am freelancing as second camera, camera assistance and sound engineering for german television broadcasts since 2017.  


Most of it are documentaries for programs like mare TV; ARTE Re; ARTE Entdeckung and SPIEGEL TV. 

For the filming we have been travelling to places in and around Europe, including Spain; Netherlands; Germany; Sweden; England; Scotland; Ireland, Italy and Norway. I was able to work with many interesting people and get to experience their ways of living and working

I also work in the field of reportage, mainly for SPIEGEL TV. Next to weekly news they also have a program on social and political matters.


Some of the pictures are hyperlinked. Access by clicking on it.

Bavaria, Germany / ARTE  2023


Channel Islands, UK / mare TV  2022


London, UK / SPIEGEL TV  2023

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                                                  Lofoten, Norway / ARTE  2022

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Castel Volturno, Italy / SPIEGEL TV  2019

 Höga Kusten, Sweden / mare TV  2019

  Kintyre, Scotland / mare TV  2020

 "Unsere Geschichte", NDR  2020

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