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Henry Wein

online portfolio


Care packages are sent worldwide to assist those in need, with the "UN Refugee Agency" or "UNHCR" being a major contributor, providing core relief items.


Our challenge was to design something that would bring joy to the daily lives of children in refugee camps. We aimed to reach as many people as possible without compromising the functionality of the blanket or interfere with the limited space and weight allowance of other essential items in the support package.

For more information on the UNHCR and their core relief items, visit: UNHCR Core Relief Items.

We decided to share a variety of games from our childhood with the aim of promoting communal activities, fostering a sense of achievement through DIY creations, and fighting boredom.


Through our research and interviews with refugees and social initiatives, we discovered that donated toys are often unwanted by children and contribute to local waste streams. Therefore, our design utilizes materials and tools readily available onsite.

By leveraging an existing transportation and distribution system, our design has a wider reach and is more likely to be implemented due to its low costs and time requirements. Additionally, we provide a handbook and an online platform for easier access and greater reach.

Blanket_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

Unfortunately, we were not able to visit a refugee camp to test the design due to the pandemic. We still wanted to get reactions to the blanket to see whether the graphics are able to communicate the ideas of the games. For the design to succeed, the instructions have to work without the use of language due to the young and international audience we are trying to reach.

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