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Henry Wein

online portfolio


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I aim to understand the impact our environment has on us and influence how we position ourselves within that. The outcomes include installations, informative design, short film, products and public interventions. Primarily focused on the three-di- mensional realm, my creative process is characterised by continuous workshop experimentation, ongoing research, sketching, 3D rendering, and prototyping.   

Since 2017, I have been freelancing as a camera operator, camera assistant, and sound technician in the field of documentary film and TV re- portage for German broadcasters such as ARTE, NDR, SWR as well as Amazon Prime. Additionally, I have been producing my own photography and video projects for performances, art events, and promotional films.


2014 - 2017  Highschool diploma at Gymnasium Blankenese in Hamburg, Germany 

2018 - 2023  Bachelor of Arts at Design Academy Eindhoven in Eindhoven, Netherlands 


instagram  @weinworks

phone  +49 151 19625447

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